Our Mission

Our Mission:
The Sacramento Environmental Justice Coalition was formed to address health and
environmental inequities among poor and marginalized communities of the greater
Sacramento region. Through community organizing efforts, the organization seeks
partnerships with faith-based communities, nonprofits, civic groups, and individuals
committed to addressing inequities and environmental Justice issues.

Community Outreach

Through one-to-one conversations, house meetings, workshops, and regional events, the SacEJC aims to build grassroots leadership and create awareness of the negative
effects redlining and structural racism have had on the health and well-being of the poor and people of color.  We define equity and inclusion as planning and implementing concrete outcomes
that reverse years of marginalization and build power and a democratic voice where there is none.

Special Projects:

Clean Air Education in Environmental Justice Zones (see map)
– Provide EJ 101 Education Workshops in community organizations and civic groups
– Demand for adecuate air quality monitoring in highly polluted neighborhoods
– Work towards banning of aviation lead-fuel in South Sacramento
– Advocate to enhance ammenities in low-income neighborhoods such as well maintained parks, a robust tree canopy, and other services that mazimize a healthy eco-system everyone deserves
Housing and Tenants Rights
– Address environmental hazards such as the presence of lead, mold, pest, and other threats to the well being of the poor.
– Advocate for policies that protect the dignity tenants in housing dwellings in the Sacramento Region
– Advocate for policies that promote affordable and sustainable housing for the poor and marginalized
Race and Equity Alliance
– Participate in the greater Sacramento Race and Equity Alliance to promote stragegies that makes racism and discrimination a thing of the past
– Advocate for equitable hiring practices among BIPOC communities.
– Advocate for equitable sharing of tax paid resources in low income and BIPOC communities.

SAC EJC Orientation PDF

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